• Polish Your Concrete To A Beautiful Shine!

    The SNAP! Diamond Disk polishing system, if progressed throughout the entire system, will leave your floor with a shine for years to come. This system is a Do It Yourself system and requires no former education on Concrete Polishing or Grinding.

    Polish Your Concrete To A Beautiful Shine with this DIY System.
  • SNAP! Pads Are Easy To Change

    Instead of having to replace the entire tool due to wear and tear, simply order a blade replacement kit and save money.

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SNAP! Concrete Polishing Tools

The SNAP! Polishing System is completely unlike any other on the market today. The system walks through a series of steps of polishing. The SNAP! Polishing System will work with any of our disk floor scrubbers. Once the multi-step process of floor polishing is finish, the SNAP! System will actually continually improve the look of your floor every time you clean and polish it.

Do You Have Dull Concrete Floors and Want Them To Shine?

If so - SNAP! is exactly what you are looking for. SNAP!'s 6 Step System is easy, safe, and Chemical Free! No need for chemicals at all to clean your floors with these Diamond Plated pads.