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Ride On Floor Scrubbers

Factory Cat

Pilot v2.1

Ultra-maneuverable, this micro rider affords you the efficient cleaning of a ride-on auto scrubber with a footprint smaller than many large walk-behind auto scrubbers. Able to navigate tight isles, narrow doorways, and smaller elevators this ride-on auto scrubber is best in class. Available in 25”(64cm) - 28”(71cm) scrub width.

Factory Cat

GTX v2.2

Navigation of your facility is easy with this compact ride on auto scrubber. Say, “so long” to the fatigued operator from walking behind a traditional auto scrubber. With this ride on auto scrubber your staff will clean more square footage during their shift and still have the time and energy to do additional work. With impressive down pressure and brush speed this machine cleans your toughest dirt. Available in 26”(68cm) - 33”(84cm) scrub width.

Factory Cat

GTR v2.1

Handle your toughest cleaning jobs with our midsized battery powered ride on auto scrubber. Filthy and grimy floors can be cleaned and restored with ease with this rugged floor scrubber. High speed scrubbing brushes and generous down pressure makes cleaning your floors easy covering a great deal of square footage per hour. Available in 26”(68cm) - 33”(84cm) scrub width.

Factory Cat

XR v2.0

If you are looking for a battery powered ride-on floor scrubber for cleaning large spaces quickly, the XR v2 is built for the task. With large solution and recovery tanks, wide scrub path, and dual vacuum motors standard, this ride-on auto scrubber can clean large facilities, fast!