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    Factory Cat is known World Wide for their industrial strength and quality design when it comes to Walk Behind Scrubber Dryers.

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    Factory Cat produces Walk Behind and a Rider Floor Sweepers. The Model 34 floor sweeper is the machine that founded our company and has remained the same machine since inception 25 years ago.

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Snap-On Incorporated

To Whom It May Concern:

Thank you for the delivery of our new floor scrubber.

It works and performs as well as promised. In fact we had reservations about the cost until we asked our used machinery vendor about used floor scrubbers and he said... "get the Factory Cat, it is the Cadillac of the scrubbers. You will want one eventually".

The machine had the ability to clean off 50 years of manufacturing oil from our concrete floor and help limit the spread of grime into our office areas.

then, after the demo period we were sure it was a quality machine with good engineering. And the fact that it is made in America and the ability to get parts easily made the decision easy.

Thanks again for your help,
Snap-on Incorporated
Facility Maintenance
Kenosha WI

University of Iowa

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the Factory Cat Rider Sweeper that we purchased from you for the Hawkeye Tennis Complex.

I was a little worried about the Factory Cat sweeper in regards to cleaning two different types of flooring but this machine is cleaning the turf area in 1.5 hours which would take us 2 hours every day to clean sections of the turf never getting it all done. The turf area is cleaner and looks brighter than it has ever looked and the inside tennis courts looks brighter. It takes a little longer to clean the tennis courts but the difference in the way the courts look like is worth it.

The machine we had been using was a propane operated sweeper and the custodial staff likes the fact that they don't have to deal with the propane tanks. We are getting enough run time from the batteries to do the job we need to do. The fact that we can use one machine to clean both areas has made a big difference and has saved us time. We now have one sweeper that takes care of the floors instead of the two different machines we were using and not getting the turf area real clean.

Thank you for your help in finding us the perfect sweeper that we could use for all the floors at the Hawkeye Tennis Complex.

Debraha Martin Facilities Service Coordinator

Golden Age Farms

I wanted to write this letter of endorsement for the people at Factory Cat thanks to the pair of Model 34 sweepers that we use to clean out our Foaling Barns. After a year of use the machines continue to impress us with their ability to clean and an almost complete lack of required maintenance.

We originally purchased the pair of Model 34 walk behind sweepers to replace our traditional methods of sweeping out or Foaling Barn that consistently generated large amounts of airborne dust and fine particulates that are such a problem in the equine industry. Our traditional method of using a back pack blower with rakes and shovels to clean the barns certainly cleaned debris out the door but the dust we pushed into the air soon settled on every crack and crevice inside the building.

The battery powered Model 34 walk behind sweeper eliminated every problem associated with cleaning our Foaling Barns by replacing the need to manually sweep the halls, reducing the noise level while cleaning to a whisper, and most importantly it captures ALL the dust associated with sweeping. In addition to completely capturing the dust in a permanent filter, the Model 34 walk behind sweeper excels at cleaning the dirt out between the bricks that make up the floors of our Foaling Barns.

The salesman told me they were originally made for industrial setting because they are solid steel, but i tend to disagree since they do everything I need done when it comes to clean the barns daily. I think they were made for the equine industry and they just didn't know it yet.


Darrell Courtney

Swire Coca-Cola USA

Swire Coca Cola USA headquartered out of Draper Utah, with 27 locations in the western states have been purchasing Factory Cat Floor Scrubbers from Intermountain Sweeper in Salt Lake City Utah since 1995.

We have purchased both walk-behinds as well as riding scrubbers with the total quantity of 50 plus scrubbers.

The machine reliability has been excellent if you factor out damage caused by operator error. Intermountain Sweeper, Factory Cat, Sales, Service and Parts Department has excelled in all areas and at times exceeded my expectations.

I would very highly recommend Factory Cat as your choice of Floor Scrubber as it has been mine for 15 years and I do not expect any deviations from what i have purchased in the past.

Jerry Griffis Corprate Fleet Manager Swire Coca Cola USA

Sysco Food Services of Iowa

I just wanted to write you and let you know about our Factory Cat floor scrubber that we purchased from you and received in May of 06. I am impressed with its features and its function. The easy use of the "One touch button" is nice for people that don't use the floor scrubber very often, they can just get on it and go.

We find that it works so much better than our old scrubber that we can scrub floors at any time during the day, with the squeegee that picks up water so well, and the vacuum exhaust that blows on the floor to help drying, the floors are almost dry when we leave the isle.

The sturdy frame and stainless tanks are what we look for when it comes to finding a scrubber that will last. The performance of this machine is great and i would recommend to anyone in the market to give this one a try, they would not be disappointed.

Steve Howard Maintenance Manager

Steel Craft Corp

I wanted to drop you a note in regards to your XR Ride Floor Industrial Sweeper/Scrubber our company purchased 9 months ago. I was on a five person 6 sigma team whose task was to choose a new sweeper-scrubber for our shop. We had a four part criteria to which we would rate the demo's.

  1. It had to clean consistently without leaving streaks.
  2. It had to be able to maneuver in between machines and racking.
  3. It had to be reliable; we clean our floors 5 days a week 3 to 4 hours per day. Maintenance had to be minimal. (We had a maintenance technician on the team to determine how he thought the machine was built.)
  4. It had to be easy to use.

After looking at several different machines, we unanimously voted your machine the one for us. The review of our decision has been done and it was determined we could not be happier with the machine. The machine is solid and well built and has performed as advertised, flawless. When I take customers on a tour through our shop 75% of them comment how clean our shop is.

In business, we do not hear enough good news; and I thought your company and all of the staff deserve a pat on the back for designing and producing a nice American made machine. Good job and much success.

Scott Wendorff Sales Account Manager

Quick Summary of Customers

  1. Shaw Air Force Base
  2. Georgia Pacific
  3. Dolly Madison
  4. Federal Express
  5. UPS
  6. Nichiha (Japan based)
  7. Kellogg's
  8. Dean's Foods (the largest dairy mfg co in USA)
  9. The Pentagon
  10. Harley Davidson
  11. John Deere
  12. University of Iowa
  13. Yamaha
  14. Case / New Holland
  15. United States DOD-Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) Contract # HDEC-04-09-D-0021 (3 year contract)
  16. United States DOD-Sierra Army Depot (3 XR?s)
  17. SYSCO Food Service
  18. Wal-Mart
  19. Coors Brewing

Factory Cat floor scrubber and floor sweeper products are built by the R.P.S. Corporation based in Wisconsin since 1986. Factory Cat is a world-leading manufacturer of floor scrubber, floor sweeper and floor scrubber-sweeper machines for the industrial sector. We manufacture walk behind and rider models of our machines to maximize operator ease. We are known worldwide for our quality, durability, and our performance due to our walk behind and ride on machines being able to outperform, time and time again.

The floor scrubber and floor sweeper models we manufacture fit a niche in the industrial floor cleaning equipment industry that we pretty much invented: battery powered, high-performance, compact floor sweeper and scrubber equipment for industrial applications. Our scrubber and sweeper machines continue to be exceptionally well received, and are the reason we can claim to be the fastest growing industrial floor equipment manufacturer in this business.

We've built our reputation by providing the toughest, best engineered, highest-value machines our industry can produce. We make sure that in every market in which our more than 300 distributors in 36 countries and service centers do business, they maintain a "factory" trained service department with a vested interest in our customers long-term satisfaction.

Factory Cat offers a line of cleaning equipment that includes sweepers and scrubbers, in both walk behind and ride on models. All our models are practical, rugged machines that are sensibly priced. Your local dealer will be happy to assist you with rentals, soap, and floor sealer information. They will gladly provide service on all brands of cleaning equipment.

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