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Clean Strip = Sold on site!

Attached is the picture of the demo we did at a casting place in Muskegon. This was with one pass using mid grit brushes on each clean stripe. The customer didn't even want specifics, they said get me the numbers and they bought it site on scene.

Shaun Venno Morrison Industrial Equipment.

Rent to own.

A logistics and warehousing company in the Northeast used a large sweeper/scrubber combo machines to clean their 200k to 300k square foot warehouses. The complex machines were difficult to keep in good working condition. Downtime on the machines was decreasing their housekeeping efforts and causing their customers to complain about dirty product being shipped. Trying to keep their facilities up to the level of cleanliness that was required by customers caused repair expenses to become excessive. During the service of one of the sweeper/scrubber's propane engine, the customer rented a FactoryCat 390 Cylindrical scrubber/sweeper. They liked the unit so much that they purchased the FactoryCat and cancelled the repair on the 7765. The Factory Cat Ride-on scrubber/sweeper's simple operation and maneuverability allowed the location to be kept cleaner with fewer headaches. This logistics management company now owns 13 Rider Scrubber/Sweepers from Factory Cat.


This is Tideland Manufacturing in Camas, WA. This picture was taken when I was going in to close the deal. Competition was demonstrated but lacking. When I saw the green line with the words Factory Cat a assumed I did my job well enough to get the order.

I'm Going to "SomeLand"!

One of the largest Florida attractions has several warehouses that store a variety of products that it needs on a regular basis. To keep up with the reputation of the place "Where dreams come true", it's very important that their facilities stay clean. If their floors stay clean the products that they store on their shelves stay clean. For the last few years they have been purchasing Tennant other floor cleaning equipment, including sweepers and scrubbers. They had become frustrated with it, constantly working on the machines and wanted to see if there was something else out there that was simpler and more compact. Our competition was 3 rider scrubbers, 1 walk behind sweeper, 1 rider sweeper and 1 walk behind scrubber. They looked at the Factorycat Magnum walk behind scrubber, XR rider scrubber, 34 walk behind sweeper, and the 48 rider sweeper. In every case the Factorycat machines were more industrial and simpler to access all the different components. They were very impressed with the simplicity and the performance. The Factorycat sweepers and scrubbers outperformed the competitors' products. They have now owned the XR rider scrubber, the Magnum walk behind scrubber, the 34 walk behind sweeper and the 48 rider sweeper for a few months and is extremely satisfied with the performance. Their warehouse is cleaner than it has been in a long time which means that the products that are delivered to happiest place on earth are now cleaner resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Thank You For Smoking.

A large company based in Tennessee smokes different types of meat products. It is very important that their facility stays clean for the health of the employees as well as to make sure the product never gets contaminated. They currently run a couple of rival cylindrical walk behind floor scrubbers. The only way they can get their floors clean is to use lots and lots of bleach due to the poor performance of the cylindrical scrub system on the machines. They became interested in the Factorycat walk behind floor scrubbers when they found out that the Factorycat Magnum scrubber has over twice the cleaning power than the scrubber that they are using now. They also have a ramp that needs scrubbed but the machines that they use can't climb and scrub at the same time. The industrial Factorycat Magnum walk behind scrubber had no problem scrubbing and sweeping up the ramp. The Factorycat was also able to out scrub the competitor just using a food grade quality degreaser instead of bleach which can be hard on cleaning equipment.

The other issue that the company was having with their old walk behind scrubbers was trying to clean out the recovery tanks. On their old machine the recovery tank is under the solution tank and next to impossible to give it a good cleaning. The Factorycat Magnum industrial scrubber recovery tank can be accessed at any time. With a large stainless steel recovery tank lid and a tank that tilts back with a built in solution spray hose makes it extremely easy to keep those tanks clean, this will help avoid dirty tanks and keep bacteria from growing.

Ship It!

A large contractor based in the Southeast that cleans several schools and cleans dozens of large package shipping facilities up and down the East Coast "loves his Factorycat cleaning equipment". This company has owned and still owns several competitor machines. He was introduced to Factorycat several years ago when he purchased 3 Factorycat 390 and 420 rider industrial scrubbers which are still being used everyday with much satisfaction. Some of his other Factorycat cleaning equipment that he continues to use are a couple 29 walk behind scrubbers as well as several 2000 series Factorycat walk behind scrubbers and several Magnum industrial walk behind scrubbers, a couple of XR rider scrubbers and some 250 and GTX rider scrubbers. When it comes to purchasing battery powered industrial scrubbers, they will only purchase Factorycat. As they compare their maintenance cost and repairs to that of the other equipment they own, they see a significant difference that is helping them to be more profitable.

The chips were down, not anymore!

Last week I went with a local distributor to a facility that was in need of a automatic floor scrubber that could actually clean the floor since their current battery scrubber was unable to keep up with the building grime. The floor was literally black with a buildup consisting of mostly grease and potato debris from their potato chip manufacturing process. Naturally being in the food industry clean floors are a must and they had let the condition of their floors slide for too long. You can see in the picture that the operator is learning how to do a double scrub by laying down the PowerCat 797 HD food grade degreaser and trying to replicate what I had done in the spot right next to him. The combination of 250 pounds of down pressure on the cylindrical walk behind scrubber, stiff brushes, 750 RPM's and great chemical turned a black floor back to the natural color of concrete once again. After the owner saw the floor, well, a PO# was forthcoming

Zombie Stripes.

We recently installed a Magnum at a customer of ours called Tricorbraun. They are a commercial packaging distributor for all different kinds of places including restaurants, department stores and alcoholic beverage companies. Two of their warehouse workers, Farrell and John Paul, recently spent several hours in the very early morning scrubbing the floor with their bare hands trying to get a yellow stacking line stripe to re-reveal itself after it had been lost under several layers of dirt and tire marks for years only to make absolutely no progress at all. By their own admission, they went through two 'scrubbing tools' each and several gallons of cleaning solution just to finish with the same looking floor with which they started. Fast forward to last Tuesday, I was at the installation showing the two employees how to operate the machine when the VP of operations for the entire company happened into the warehouse. He looked the machine up and down and asked 'So, what can this thing do'? I replied simply 'Let me show you', then asked Farrell and JP to show me to the dirtiest area in the warehouse. Knowing what I was in for, they took me over to the area in which they had spent so much time a short while ago. We quickly walked the machine over to the 'problem area' and proceeded to hose the lines down with a steady dose of 797. As the solution worked itself through the dirt I took a moment to point out some of the finer features of the machine to its new owner, after a moment I told Farrell to run the machine back and forth across the stacking stripe and see what he came up with. I've attached the picture with the end result, the stripe appeared out of nowhere as if it were raised from the dead. Just to the right of the Magnum in the picture you might be able to make out a thin black stripe running across the floor, that is exactly what the two yellow stripes in the picture looked like before the Magnum went to work. Yet another victory for the good folks at Factory Cat, I think we found a few more believers.

Automotive Crash Test Sweeping.

In the research and development center for one the world's leading automobile manufacturer you will now find a Factory Cat riding floor sweeper cleaning up after their intentional car crashes. The Factory Cat riding floor sweeper equipped with the vacuum wand and blower option beat out similarly equipped sweepers when reviewed by the engineers working for the auto maker here in Ohio. Even though the competition was equally equipped on paper specifications, the engineers found true value in the rugged industrial design of the Factory Cat sweeper and it out performed when it came to sweeping and dust control. The combination of rugged build quality, permanent filtration down to 1 micron, no broom adjustment, and simple controls was what put the American made Factory Cat riding floor sweeper in the winner's column.

The vacuum wand and blower feature of the Factory Cat rider industrial sweeper was crucial to the cleaning program the auto maker mandated for their research and development team. Each time a vehicle was crashed, the floor has to be immediately swept and that included sweeping up items such as glass, rubber, dust, dirt, paint, plastic & fabrics. The channel dug into the floor that hydraulically rams the vehicle in the barrier would also fill up with debris making the vacuum wand and blower option ideal for cleaning those hard to reach areas. Following the main commercial sweeping of the epoxy floors, the operator could comfortably sit on his Factory Cat riding floor sweeper and vacuum the floor channel out, safely removing all dirt, dust, glass and associated debris. Industrial build quality, filtration, perfect sweeping and the vacuum wand option makes cleaning difficult environments with hazardous debris a safe and easy task thanks to the Factory Cat rider sweepers.

For the love of scrubbing.

We recently delivered a FactoryCat riding cylindrical scrubber to a 500,000 square foot distribution facility with concrete floors and narrow aisle racking. This company quickly distributes plush toy romantic gifts directly to the customer and so requires a clean environment. This nationwide retailer opened their state of the art distribution facility but faced numerous facility related cleaning issues and called various scrubber companies in to help. The large retailer was going to base their decision on which of the riding floor scrubbers offered the most maneuverability, the most durable industrial build quality, and the best results for scrubbing the floor and of course eases of operation. In the end the Factory Cat riding cylindrical floor scrubber beat the other sweeper/scrubber combos, here is why.

The modern distribution facility wanted to maximize their efficiency in the new facility and utilized only narrow aisle racking throughout the entire facility which posed a maneuverability challenge. True to form, the competition brought in the largest machine they thought would fit, riding sweeper scrubber combo units that failed to address the core facility related cleaning issues the customer faced - maneuverability. However, the Factory Cat riding floor scrubber with its cylindrical scrubbing reduced the minimal aisle u-turn by a few feet over the competition but still offered sweeping while the unit scrubbed and. The Factory Cat battery scrubber also offered a large capacity solution and recovery tanks, very rugged industrial build quality, all stainless steel fasteners, and very simple on button operation of the control panel. When the dust settled, the Factory Cat scrubber succeeded based largely on the floor scrubbers maneuverability and capability to clean just as well as the other larger internal combustion units.

Grease Monkeys.

Recently the local Factory Cat sweeper & scrubber distributor and I tackled a difficult cleaning challenge a contractor faced with scrubbing a textured epoxy floor in the service area at a local car dealership. The floor cleaning contractor had been using a "Commercial" walk behind floor scrubber that used (2) 13" disk style brushes and the auto scrubber was leaving the floor dirty even with multiple passes. We showed the floor cleaning contractor a Factory Cat Magnum cylindrical scrubber which sweeps debris into a hopper while it is scrubbing. More importantly than how the Factory Cat walk behind scrubber picked up debris was how our auto scrubber used its brushes to clean the textured epoxy floor completely on one pass. The Factory Cat battery scrubbers use a variable maximum of 250 pounds of down pressure on the cylindrical brushes that clean from the top down, not wiping debris in a circle like the commercial disk style walk behind auto scrubber. Ideal for cleaning the service bays in a car dealership, the Factory Cat Magnum floor scrubber can sweep up debris commonly found in a car and truck service area, all while scrubbing up the grease and dirt thanks to the cylindrical scrub deck. Needless to say, the commercial floor cleaning contractor chose the industrial build quality and superior cleaning performance of the Factory Cat walk behind cylindrical floor scrubber and the service bays at the dealership have never looked better.

Size dosen't matter.

Recently the local Factory Cat sweeper & scrubber distributor and I Recently I delivered a new walk behind floor scrubber to a large manufacturing company in North Baltimore, Ohio to clean their hard to reach areas. The customer had a small walk behind floor scrubber but was unsatisfied by the cleaning performance of a machine designed to work in hospitals and schools. The old scrubber had failed just outside the warranty period and was becoming a maintenance issue. Given the experience the manufacturer turned to Factory Cat cleaning equipment based on their scrubbers' reputation of industrial build quality.

The manufacturer ordered a Factory Cat MiniMag 24" cylindrical walk behind scrubber directly over the phone and when I showed up for the installation they were amazed at the exceptional cleaning ability of the Factory Cat walk behind scrubber. The floor maintenance crew claimed multiple times that the Factory Cat MiniMag battery scrubber was out cleaning their much larger riding sweeper scrubber that carried 100 gallons of water and cost over $50,000. Scrubbing side by side the Factory Cat cylindrical floor scrubber out cleaned the large IC Powered Sweeper Scrubber combo and the Factory Cat cylindrical left a white clean strip where the rider couldn't. Truly amazed by how well their new automatic scrubber performed, we are guaranteed their business when their riding scrubber needs to be traded in.

Factory Cat floor scrubber and floor sweeper products are built by the R.P.S. Corporation based in Wisconsin since 1986. Factory Cat is a world-leading manufacturer of floor scrubber, floor sweeper and floor scrubber-sweeper machines for the industrial sector. We manufacture walk behind and rider models of our machines to maximize operator ease. We are known worldwide for our quality, durability, and our performance due to our walk behind and ride on machines being able to outperform, time and time again.

The floor scrubber and floor sweeper models we manufacture fit a niche in the industrial floor cleaning equipment industry that we pretty much invented: battery powered, high-performance, compact floor sweeper and scrubber equipment for industrial applications. Our scrubber and sweeper machines continue to be exceptionally well received, and are the reason we can claim to be the fastest growing industrial floor equipment manufacturer in this business.

We've built our reputation by providing the toughest, best engineered, highest-value machines our industry can produce. We make sure that in every market in which our more than 300 distributors in 36 countries and service centers do business, they maintain a "factory" trained service department with a vested interest in our customers long-term satisfaction.

Factory Cat offers a line of cleaning equipment that includes sweepers and scrubbers, in both walk behind and ride on models. All our models are practical, rugged machines that are sensibly priced. Your local dealer will be happy to assist you with rentals, soap, and floor sealer information. They will gladly provide service on all brands of cleaning equipment.

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