• Magnum Floor Scrubber-Sweeper

    The Magnum Scrubber-Sweeper machine leaves a clean white streak in its path wherever it goes!

    Magnum Walk Behind Scrubber-Sweeper Cleaning Machine Shop
  • Magnum Walk Behind Scrubber-Sweeper

    Clean your Concrete Floors back down to natural stone! Tired of seeing nothing but dirt on your floors? The Magnum Scrubber-Sweeper will solve your cleaning needs.

    Magnum Walk Behind Scrubber-Sweeper Deep Cleaning Concrete Floor
  • Magnum Walk Behind Floor Scrubber-Sweeper

    Our machines are built for Industrial environments and provide heavy duty results!

    Magnum Walk Behind Scrubber-Sweeper Cleaning Dirty, Scuffed Up Concrete Floor in Factory
  • Walk Behind Magnum Scrubber-Sweeper

    Get rid of all of the Fork-lift tire marks that are all over your floor with the Magnum Scrubber-Sweeper!

    Magnum Walk Behind Scrubber-Sweeper Scrubbing Dirty Concrete Floor Clean
  • Magnum Walk Behind Scrubber-Sweeper

    Magnum Scrubber-Sweepers deliver extreme down-pressure capable of removing layered upon layered dirt that has been caked on over time.

    Magnum Walk Behind Scrubber-Sweeper
  • Magnum Walk Behind Floor Scrubber-Sweeper

    Bring your original floors back with a Magnum Cylindrical Scurrber-Sweeper. These Industrial machines are great for a variety of different jobs because of its mid-sized body its able to fit where ride-ons can't, but it has the tank capacity for large jobs.

    Magnum Walk Behind Scrubber-Sweeper
  • Magnum Industrial Floor Scrubber-Sweeper

    Scrubber-Sweeper Floor Machines are great for the applications where there is a large amount of constant debris on the ground. The Scrubber-Sweeper head picks up the debris and stores in a hopper to not clog up the squeegee and thoroughly scrubbers the floor.

    Magnum Walk Behind Scrubber-Sweeper
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MAGNUM Walk Behind Scrubber-Sweeper:

Factory Cat's MAGNUM Walk Behind Scrubber-Sweeper is known for its basic but durable design offering unmatched value to customer. The heavy steel construction, oversized motors, extra thick polyurethane tanks and stainless steel fasteners provide a solid foundation for the MAGNUM Walk Behind Scrubber-Sweeper.

These Cylindrical machines have the added benefit of sweeping up debris while scrubbing simultaneously. This eliminates the need to pre-sweep any area and increases productivity.

MAGNUM Walk Behind Scrubber-Sweeper Specs:

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 56" x 24" x 43"
  • Weight: 880 lbs.
  • Cylindrical Brush Size: 22", 25", 28", & 32"
  • Cleaning Width: 24", 27", 30", & 34"
  • Cleaning Rate (sq. ft/hr): 31,000
Magnum Floor Scrubber Cleans Small Warehouses Well Magnum Floor Scrubber Scrubbing a Lunch Room Magnum Floor Scrubber In an Airplane Hangar

These images demonstrate how applicable the Factory Cat MAGNUM really is. From being used in Indoor Small Company Shops, to the inside of a Food Lunch Room, to even a Airplane Hangar, these machines are tough and can handle almost anything you can throw at it!

MAGNUM Floor Scrubber-Sweeper Quick Downloads: